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2003.12.31 - wednesday, 8:50 p.m.

transportation madness

i need to take a couple of minutes to write in my weblog before we leave for a new year's party that trinity - one of our co-workers at ace inventory - has invited us to

it has been a remarkable day - beginning early with an inventory of two supermakets in harlem and one in flushing, ny, followed by an unreasonably lengthy return trip, involving a 30 minute drive to the the aqueduct station on the a train, with a subway journey that would normally have taken over an hour, and that was longer because the a train had been diverted from its express route via times square, and made local stops while diverted to the f and d tracks

had we been taken to the closest station, forest hills / 71 avenue, a five minute drive from the supermarket, we could have taken the e train, which is an express and reached times square in less than 30 minutes ...

i have been doing some map research, seeking to overcome the grave limitations of the map and schedule information available through the mta web site - a pet issue for me - so as to document the journey we were taken on, and the one that would have made sense

i need to stop writing now so that we can leave for the new year's eve party, and will have to add this and other details when i resume writing tomorrow

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