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2004.01.07 - wednesday, after midnight

i haven't written in my diary for several days, although i give it a lot of thought.

in part this is because since monday, i have been working long hours doing an inventory of the storeoom of the nypd at one police plaza. it has been especially interesting for me, both because of the memories the situation has evoked of the many years i spent - and the correctional staff i knew - working at the baltimore city jail.

an aside: if you do a google search on "baltimore city jail" the first two listings are from the information ecology archives

i generally find warehouse / storeoom inventories much more interesting than those of the supermarket varietry, as the itemized inventories favour attention to detail and thoroughness of speed and estimation, and i was particularly in my element at police plaza

it wa clear that the staff recognized this, as for example reflected by observatons several have made indicating they see me as the most accurate person in the inventory team, and fact that they have said that they only need one person - yours truly - to come in on friday, to finish up any loose ends from the inventory

i called errol - aka e.j. - who owns and directs ace inventory, and talked about my interest in assuming some additional responsibilities for itemized inventory situations, beginning with an inventory on monday at another nypd storeroom in brooklyn. errol was nonommittal, but i will talk in the morning with a sergeant who has been particularly appreciative of my work to explore how next week's inventory can avoid some of the problems that have been encountered this week

meanwhile, there was a flurry of emails to respond to and/or to forward to lists, including an op-ed piece from today's new york times titled "the god gulf" and including an outrageous quote that acting vice-president cheney featured in his christmas card greetings this year:

"And if a sparrow cannot fall to the ground without His notice, is it probable that an empire can rise without His aid?"

there was an interesting message from united for peace and justice calling for a new year's comitment to renewed activism, proposing martin luther king's birthday and the occasion of the state of the union address. i added a brief message on preparing for the gandhi-king season and its theme of compassionate activism for global healing

i have been having an interesting exchange of emails with anita doyle at the jeannete rankin peace center in montana concerning the accessibility of the gandhi-king season site - more of that later. it is very late, nd time for me to catch a few hours sleep

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