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2003.12.30 - tuesday, 10:17 p.m.

registering representatives

i had written a few paragraphs earlier that were lot when my computer crashed, so i guess i will try to reconstruct some of what i had written.

we managed to sleep until around 8:30 and were able to catch up a little on some sleep. i worked on finishing the form for information habitat's ngo representatives, as i had promised to fax it to kathleen quain by 11:15 am so she could get her new pass. this tuend out to be somewhat more time consuming than i had anticipated, as i had also wanted to get the form into pdf format to send to the ngo section office, and i had to generate the pdf file from christine's computer, as the pdf driver i have doesn't work on windows xp, and i ran into a number of problems that required me to reboot a couple of times

i did. however, manage to get it faxed by a few minutes after 11 - we don't have a working fax machine here, so it means going down the block to broadway, and kathleen phoned me later to let me know she had succeeded in getting the pass, and we talked some more about some more ideas about moving information habitat forward, and how we could get more people involved - as well as talking about some of the dynamics in the new york task force for the gandhi-king season

i received an interesting message from hazel henderson on "peace and global citizenship in the information age" that had been forwarded to the community informatics list and sent it out to about half a dozen lists. this ended up generating an interesting message from someone who told me that he owned www.jerrypeaceactivistrubin.com, which led me to some interesting explorations of who the sender was, which is another story that i will try to write about soon

however it is getting late again, and we need to be up by 4:30 for a 6 am start at lenox avenue and 139th street. in many ways the biggest challenge with keeping this weblog is that there is so much more to write about than i have yet found time for

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