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2003.12.29 - monday, 4:48 p.m. next day

a new main representative

there has been so much to write about that i haven't know where to start - and as i had mentioned in the brief entry i wrote on the actual day, i was exhausted, and even took - unusually for me - a nap in the afternoon.

i had received a phone message from kathleen quain, who has been one of the alternative representatives for information habitat since the end of june, following up on an earlier request for me to fill out the form for information habitat's representatives to the united nations for 2004.

i had also heard from faye feller - who has been information habitat's main representative in 2003 and from deborah andrew of the uniting for peace coalition, who had served as one of information habitat's representatives.

in the process of editing the last designated representative form - which is another story altogether, about which i may write something soon - i was reflecting on the order of the representatives, when it occurred to me to ask kathleen if she would be willing to serve as the main representative for information habitat

i had met kathleen through the spiritual caucus in november 2001, and she had always been very responsive to the concerns and perspectives i had raised, and i had very much appreciated her interest in holistic approaches deeply rooted in concern for health and the natural environment

as we have talked more in recent months it has also become clear that kathleen has a very insightful sense of who i am and what i am seeking to do, in a way that makes it easy for me to talk about my various projects

when i phoned kathleen, i was pleasantly suprised that she answered, and when i asked her if she would be willing to serve as information habitat's main representative she was delighted - and she talked about a proposal she is developing for the un to establish an technical solutions department that would focus on the identification of practical solutions to the challenge of enabling economic development while respecting and protecting the natural environment - very much in keeping with information habitat's approach, and something i am enthusiastic about supporting

as we talked about information habitat's needs, she mentioned some people she knows who might be interested in becoming involved with information habitat

i feel that this is a very important breakthrough - and one that fits perfectly with the reorganization of information habitat's web site, and the upcoming focus on the people's agenda for economic justice - which kathleen recognizes as a key issue for me - and the 2004 gandhi-king season - along with the reorganization of the peace cubes site that will make it much easier to promote a much wider and deeper appreciation of the peace cubes - and, inshallah, to allow me to focus my energies where i can be most effective

i phoned faye, and she was very happy for kathleen to be the main representative, as well as to being able to continue as an alternative representative for information habitat, and she talked about a project that she would really like to focus on, namely a joint project with long island university on peace in public spaces. the project seems wonderful, with a focus on the arts and youth, and long island university (liu) already has a substantial collection of art work that could be organized and displayed

liu had developed a wonderful web site on nonviolence resources in conjunction with the gandhi-king season for nonviolence, and the focus on peace in public spaces grows out of the same commitment and department. the project seems wonderful, as is faye's enthusiasm, and it feels like an ideal project - combined with the pumped up for peace project that she has been working with and that has been adopted by the united nations cyberschoolbus project

2003.12.29 - monday, 10:33 p.m.

what had started as a low key day - beginning with doing inventory at three supermarkets in harlem. last night, just before going to bed, i had decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to check the schedule, only to discover that there is no 3 service during the night and the first train in the morning doesn't arrive at the 149th street terminal until 6:41 am - too late to get to the job by 6.

i have a lot more that i want to add, but will have to do it tomorrow, as i am feeling very tired - i had taken a nap in the afternoon, after getting back from working, but i am still tired and in need of catching up on my sleep.

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