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2003.12.20 - saturday, 6:36 p.m. - added to on sunday

ere has been a very interesting, and unanticipated development that has happened today, and looks as if it has some very promising possibilities.

when i was showing christine what i had been doing with the peace cubes web site, she had brought up the thought that it would be good if it would be possible to send images from the peace cubes via email as postcards.

last night, at harold channer's party, i had been pleasantly surprised to see susan tam - and her partner, mark - who has been working with me on he digital bridges exhibit, and from who i had learned a couple of snippets of java script that i had found very helpful, and have incorporated into a significant number of web pages.

so i began to write an email to tam - as she like to be called - wondering whether she would be able to write a java script that could be used for this purpose. as i was writing the message, i realized that this might be a commercially viable service, if it were set up so that people could upload their own images and make them available.

without going into all that happened after that, one very exciting development was my discovery of www.e-cards.net which is a site that allows you to send free e-cards from a great selection, including some beautiful nature photographs. e-cards was started in 1995 in san francisco and its founder, robb waterman, is strongly committed to the environment, and provides generous support to wwf and other environmental and progressive organizations

after sending myself my first e-card, i was taken to a page which invited me to join e-cards, so that i could put up my own images to send out as e-cards. the page had a cute animated gif of cartoon frogs jumping for joy with excitement at having discovered the opportunity.

i sent an e-card to christine with a photo titled "crocus heart" to share my discovery and she agreed that it would be worth the $24 annual cost of subscribing as a gold member of e-cards

however, i couldn't sign up right away, as i only had about $3 in the bank. but i had a modest paycheck to deposit - from ace inventory for the temporary work that i - and christine - have been doing. before too long, i took a walk up to the bank - at broadway and 112th street - to deposit the check and take out a few dollars

as soon as i got back to the apartment, i signed up with e-cards, and began a process of exploring the site and its features, and then went about the process of selecting the images to make available through e-cards. by the end of the day, i had uploaded about ten images, and played around with the use of the fields for title and description, including discovering that i could use html code in writing a description and create links to relevant web sites - in this case to www.peace-cubes.net

i did some more work with my diary - particularly playing around with reorganizing the left hand column of the diary, and adding useful links.

to be continued ...

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