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2003.12.19 - friday, written the next day

in keeping with my decision to try to keep diary under the day that events happen, rather than the date i describe them, i am catching up on the fact that i hadn't found the time to write anything here during the day

i began the day working on an email message to ladon james that i had begun the day before, and that - in keeping with my normal modus operandi when writing email messages - was taking longer than i had initially anticipated - partly due to some of the uncertainties of my relationship with the people's agenda

i took a break from the message, and decided to do some work on the peace cubes site - in particular to set up a page through which people could make donations in support of the peace cubes. this turned out to be something both more involved than i had expected - as i realized that it also called for me to tighten up the links among some of pages about the peace cubes , and also meant that i needed to complete the revisions i had begun to information habitat's home page - with the same basic colour scheme and graphics i had been using for the gandhi-king season and the people's agenda for economic justice. this also involved reformatting and developing a consistent set of links to other pages - both in the main information habitat area, and in the peace-cubes directory

in the process, i worked on the page i had created as an introduction to the peace cubes, and realized that should probably be the home page for www.peace-cubes.net - which i was able to accomplish by re-directing the web forwarding for the domain to that address.

i am very happy with the new home page, and with the cleaned up appearance of the information habitat site, and i also got around to registering information habitat's web site as common content under a creative commons attribution-noncommercial-sharealike license - something i have done with more than forty sets of web pages over the past three months - and included the relevant registration information on web pages, as part of a commitment to working within an open source, common content / creative commons context.

this process - reorganizing the peace cubes site and information habitat's home page, plus creating the opportunity for people to contribute to make an online domation in support of the peace cubes - felt like an important and timely one, as it links into a theme of seasonal gifts of light and peace that has been long associated with the peace cubes.

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