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2003.12.21 - sunday, 6:29 p.m.

i had opened my diary to write in it at 10:45 am, but have been distracted by a host of other happenings, so that i thought i would record the time as the actual time i began to write.

it has been another busy day. i have been doing a lot of fine tuning of some of the web pages, including a re-do of the prayer wheels of light and peace - and i thought it might not be a bad idea to write a little some of the steps that i went through.

one of the things i am beginning to appreciate through writing my diary / blog, is that so much that i do is invisible, and that there is really no one who actually has a sense of what i actually do in the almost endless hours i spend in front of my computer. inshallah, my diary / blog can become a way of changing that in a way that works.

back to the prayer wheels of light and peace. first, it may make sense to give an overview of what i wanted to do with the seventy-two web pages in the set

first, i wanted to change to the default font i have been using, and that i continue to enjoy - namely comic sans ms - the font that this page is set in, and that i have been using as a default font in recent months, and that i generally switch to when updating web pages, and i tend to get a smile out of the inner humour of the name

to be continued ...

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