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2003.12.24 - wednesday, 10:44 a.m.

a rainy christmas eve

woke up to the sound of rain - a steady, windy rain that looks a if it may be with us for the rest of the day. looks like it will be another home-bound day (^_^) - and a time to yield to the energy of falling water

justin left about half an hour ago to drive up to blue hill, with andy wanning. it had been a good visit, and we are looking forward to see him again in early january, and the prospects of driving down to baltimore for a visit with andrew

i have been thinking about my weblog a lot in recent days, and how much i would like to get into the habit of writing in it more - at the same time, mindful of the tension between writing and doing

i completed the conversion of order 45 into html format, in what turned out to be a rather more complicated piece of coding that i had anticipated - it probably would have been easier if i had known how to do it using cascading style sheets, but i was hesitant to take on learning enough to make it work. i sent out a message to several email lists including the ngo regulations, with a brief cover note urging people to register their objections to its draconian nature

i also - finally - got around to sending out my season's greetings e-card to a good number of lists - only to find out, via a response from joe friendly, that i had included an incorrect url for the www.peace-cubes.net site - so i realize that i will have to send up a follow-up message with a correction & apology

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