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2003.12.22 - monday, later

continued to be a busy day. did some more reformatting of the template for this web log, and developed some ideas for additional enhancements - to include a link to a welcome page. justin was here while i was working on this, and i had a good conversation with him talking about, describing and showing this example of the kind of back and forth editing and reviewing process that i spend a lot of time doing - revising the look of a page or pages and reviewing its structure and organization

just after 11 am, having just downloaded my latest emails, my attention for some reason was captured by a message with the subject: "[DAP] FW: [iraq-tribunal] Fwd: [global-peace-movement] Statement" - perhaps because of the fairly unusal concatenation of tags for three different email lists - and i opened it to find a message from an italian ngo - un ponte per ... (a bridge to ...) about a newly issued order ....

2003.12.22 - monday, 10:14 a.m.

i just had a great conversation with sally campbell, one of the two members of a clearness committee i had requested from morningside friends meeting. sally had called to say that we wouldn't be able to meet tomorrow evening, as susan - the other member - is too busy. i gave sally a brief report on some of the exciting developments since i had last seen her, telling her i felt that i had been working on my clearness process

sally was glad that i seemed to be in better spirits than i had been when she saw me last - at the meeting for worship at quaker house last tuesday - right after i had reluctantly decided not to go to washington the next morning for a meeting of the planning committee for the people's agenda for economic justice

justin just came in a few minutes ago. last night he had gone to see andy wanning - a friend from blue hill, me - and had slept over at jim merewether's, where andy is living; tonight he will be staying at walter's on 109th street

to be continued ...

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